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Structured Settlement Forum is an industry pioneer and has been funding structured settlements and annuity payments for several years. Our team of financial professionals work together to quickly get our clients paid. We will review your situation and both short term and long term financial goals to determine if selling partial payments or the entire settlement is the most beneficial for you.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments & Annuity Payments

We specialize in the purchase of structured settlements, which are settlement payments that are stretched out over a set period of time that awards the recipient with several small payments over the term of the agreement.

structuredsettlementforum.net’s own capital allows us to close deals much faster than the competition because we do not have to wait for approvals from source funding source because we ARE the funding source. If we agree to purchase an annuity or structured settlement payment then you can be assured that we will do everything possible to get the deal closed quickly. When you work with a broker they are shopping it around to various different companies in hopes that they can find a buyer. There are also additional broker fees when you do not work directly with the funding source. As you can see, Structured Settlement Forum is the best choice when it comes to selling your structured settlement or annuity payments.

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We pay you top dollar for your payments and because there are no additional broker or third party fees this means that you will net more cash at the end of the closing. We work hard to get you the cash that you need or desire from your structured settlement and annuity payments. With so many companies out there that fail to close deals do not risk a possible delay in receiving your cash – contact structuredsettlementforum.net today for the best service and top dollar amount!

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Our team of financial experts will work to get you the very best price for your entire structured settlement or annuity payment, or just a small portion if you only need some emergency cash to take care of an unexpected event. Some of our clients also sell their settlement payments in order to invest the money in different high return investment avenues. Regardless of what you need the cash for we can help, and we will get you the highest price!

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